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"Amy is  amazing inside and out; she has changed her life tremendously and become exactly who she was meant to be. Amy gave me that extra kick I needed to get back into shape and healthy again after having my son. She can help anyone get where they want to be;  this is her passion, it's her soul, helping others:  fitness, health and wellness is who she is!" - Deana, Rochester NY


"Amy is amazing! Full of energy, and such an inspiration! She will whip you into shape and     you will have fun doing it!" - Jessica, Denver Colorado 

"I've never known a trainer to care so deeply about the results their clients see. Amy goes above & beyond constantly. Her focus on her own health proves that she walks her talk, which is the most important quality in a trainer. Amy is one of the few people I trust to train me. She is incredible!" - Kanyon, Jacksonville FL

Body transformation

"I HIGHLY recommend Amy for virtual training. Her business is not flashy and pricey as others are. She trains real, working, busy adults. I am a middle school teacher. In the past, I couldn't balance running with school. With Amy, her manageable plan has not only allowed me to run, but also strengthen  twice a week. Also, Amy is personable. She is consistently available for questions and advice, but more importantly, moral support. After my half marathon, I texted her after I crossed the finish line to tell her my time and share my excitement." - Lauren, Cincinatti Ohio

Half marathon

"5 stars all around! I reached out to Amy to tone up for an upcoming trip to the beach and she was absolutely incredible! First of all I NEVER work out & it's not my favorite thing to do. Amy met with me (digitally as I live out of town), sent me a detailed fitness plan, helped me with meals and always checked in with me for progress. She was always available, she encouraged me when I wanted to give up & listened to me when I needed a nonjudgmental listening ear! I'm so happy with my progress, I started to see results within the first week & a half. The workouts were fun & accessible (I did them in my home). I'm so satisfied with my body and I intend to move forward in my fitness journey. I'm so thankful for Amy's help & I would recommend her to everyone!!!!" - Adrienne, Rochester NY

Weight Loss

"I have been working with Amy for a few years now & her energy and enthusiasm for health, fitness and running is contagious! She creates personalized plans that are easy to follow and adaptable to your lifestyle. I worked with her to get back into running & was running for 7 minutes straight in no time, a record for myself. I am still working on becoming a better runner and decided for the winter months to focus on her HIIT training program. While working on my endurance, physical fitness and diet, she has been there for me every step of the way! I can't thank her enough." - Jess, Rochester NY

"Amy is the best motivator I've seen, and I am around athletic people all day every day. Rugby, gymnastics, regular workouts, whatever. She's the best. She walks her talk and helps build healthy lifestyles, all with a huge smile on her face. Couldn't ask for a better support partner to help reach your fitness goals than Amy" - Ben, Denver Colorado

Weight training

"I started training with Amy 10 months ago. When I met her I was overweight & tired with no energy at all. I could only work out for 30 minutes at a time. Ten months later I have lost 10 inches and 15 lbs. My workouts are strong and long. I went from flabby abs to a stronger, less flabby core. I am training the entire 60 minutes as well. Amy is the BEST trainer I have ever had. She helped me achieve my goals and raise my energy level." - Kisty, Denver Colorado

"I  met Amy shortly after she moved here from New York & we became friends from the start. I had 'plateaued' with my strength training, so I immediately hired her as my personal trainer. She worked with me, pointing out the things that I needed to do to be able to overcome this "plateau". I was very impressed with her knowledge and expertise in all areas of fitness, training, and dieting! She is absolutely awesome and I would definitely recommend her to anyone (male or female) looking to improve their overall life and complete happiness!" - Shannon, Denver Colorado


"I've been working with Amy for almost 2 years. Not only has she made me stronger & a better runner, but I also actually LIKE my body for the first time in my life thanks to her. Even after 2 years, she still manages to push me, hold me accountable, & keep workouts interesting and different, & my health continues to improve as a result.

Working with Amy has been the best decision I've made regarding my health & I highly recommend her." - Megan, Denver Colorado

"I would highly recommend Amy for your personal training needs if your goal is to get results. Her rates are so reasonable for the high level caliber training she provides. I am an avid runner, ran DI XC and track in college and I feel like  Amy is elite when it comes to personalizing a plan. She now lives out of state and does convenient online training. Thank you Amy!" - Carolynne,

Rochester NY

half marathon

"Amy is the best! I've been seeing Amy since June 2018 for strength training and run coaching - and I'm hooked. I really appreciate her whole person and mind/body approach. She goes above and beyond to teach and support me in every session, and helps me be accountable to my goals in between sessions. Since June I've seen improvements and results in my pace, strength, and mental fitness. I highly recommend Body by Amy!!!!" - March, Denver CO

"Amy is awesome! I see Amy 2x/week for a group training session. She makes me work hard but also recognizes what I can & cannot do. She's really amazing at making sure I'm getting a great workout with the proper modifications since I have several injuries that prevent me from performing some basic exercises. Every workout is different, so she keeps our brains AND our muscles from getting bored, and the results are REAL. I'm quite heavy, and I'm wearing pants that I haven't worn in years because they were previously too small, and I attribute that to Amy. Thanks, Amy!" - Candice, Denver Colorado

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"Having Amy as my strength coach has been a total game changer in my running! The other day I went into a speed workout and everything just CLICKED. I felt my core engage with my legs and upper body effortlessly as I went into my 400's. It was a GREAT WORKOUT. Not only is Amy a great trainer, she is an incredible friend! Amy is also a big mental health advocate, and it certainly shows in the way that she trains." - Genevieve, Chicago IL