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Running Form: Heel Recovery


Have you ever been watching a race - whether on television, or live at the track - and you've found yourself commenting, "wow! Look at his/her stride! Their heel is almost touching their butt! They look so smooth!"

I know I have. So I wanted to quickly touch on what that means, and why it's important.

1. A high heel recovery = strong hamstrings. Strong hamstrings reduce the load placed on your hip flexors.

2. A lower heel recovery = hip flexor dominance, placing more strain and demand on the hip flexors. This can result in more tension throughout the IT band & glute weakness and/or inhibition (glutes aren't able to do their job properly), sometimes leading to knee pain and injury

3. Strong hamstrings and a higher heel recovery lead to a greater ability to pull the foot up UNDER the body = a more efficient effort distribution through the hip and knee.

Drills and strength training can help! Some of my favorites include butt kicks, pistons, B skips, single leg deadlifts, and good mornings.

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