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Whatever you need right now, do that.

Hey guys.

I wanted to pop in today for a #realtalk session.

So the thing is, there’s a lot of talk going around what you SHOULD be doing in quarantine.

You SHOULD be starting a new business. You SHOULD be getting mad exercise every day. You SHOULD be using this time to put in lots of miles & train hard. You SHOULD be trying new things. You SHOULD be staying busy. You SHOULD be getting creative. You SHOULD be deep-cleaning your entire house. You SHOULD be creating full, organized routines for your kids. You SHOULD be cooking, baking, experimenting, etc. The list goes on.

Similarly... you SHOULDN'T be gaining weight. You SHOULDN'T be bored, for there’s so much you could be doing! You SHOULDN'T try trimming your bangs (lol that one was for a bit of comic relief)

My point is: everyone deals with stress & trauma differently (and yes, this is both a very stressful & traumatic time for many people. We shouldn’t minimize that). Some people are out there hustlin, and some are barely making it out of bed in the morning. Just because your experience is different, doesn’t make it any more valid than anyone else’s.

Last week, I found myself saying things (to myself as well as to other people) about gaining the “quarantine 15.” I even posted about it on one of my Instagram stories. And yes, it was in jest - but also, it’s not important. Literally everything else is so much more important than if you gain a few pounds during this weird as fuck time. And honestly, it sucks that a stupid thing like that is in the forefront of my mind, and I’m sorry for contributing to fatphobia with a phrase like that.

So yea. To reiterate, deal with quarantine however the fuck you want - however the fuck you NEED , emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually - and fuck anyone who has a problem with it! #butstillpracticesocialdistancing