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Give Yourself a Little Grace

Forgiveness. Not for others, but for ourselves. Is that something most of us ever consider? I definitely didn't. I didn't notice until recently that I consistently berate myself for things that literally happened a decade ago. Definitely sometimes consciously, but even more commonly subconsciously or semi-consciously. It's apparent through the way I react to things, the way I treat myself, the way I treat others and respond to others. Yesterday during my EMDR session with my therapist, we delved into the most painful time of my life, and SO MUCH emotion bubbled to the surface that I wasn't prepared for. And I told her how mad I was that I was crying about pain I felt I had caused myself. As in, I didn't think I deserved to cry about the depression I experienced in college, the harm I did to my body in that time, and the ways in which I coped... and yet I give myself permission to cry about my mom's passing, because that wasn't my fault. And as soon as this came out of my mouth, I realized how backwards that was. Because this deep depression and sadness I experienced - that wasn't my fault either. And even if some of it was (my coping methods were certainly my choice), I need to forgive myself for that period of my life. I coped the only way I knew how. What's significant is that I've transformed my life into something I can be proud of, and I'm consistently trying to be better. I just think we can all learn to forgive ourselves a little more. ❤️