Body by Amy, LLC

Professional: I wanted to take some time to introduce myself in more depth! As I mentioned on the main page, I've been personal training for six years and running since I was in junior high school. I expanded my personal training business to coaching runners in 2016 and have really enjoyed working with different populations. I work with both men and women, many of them in a sports performance aspect. I have trained in corporate gyms, private boutique gyms, and recreation centers, and now I run my own business out of a gym called Commit2Fitness Arvada in Arvada, Colorado. I decided to go off on my own 4 years ago in order to have more autonomy with my clients. It's also nice to be able to offer personal training and coaching without insisting that clients also pay for a gym membership. While training at the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center, I worked quite a bit with retired individuals with knee & hip replacements and individuals experiencing chronic joint pain. Thus, I have experience training individuals with injuries and other similar conditions.

My resume also includes assistant-coaching for Denver South High School's cross country & track programs, and for Grandview High School's winter track club program. Coaching high school has always been a dream of mine: I had some incredible coaches growing up and since then, I've hoped I could one day be a role model to kids the way my coaches were to me.

In January of 2018 I began dabbling a bit in the corporate wellness realm. I offer group classes to employees at a discounted rate, and I have presented seminars to the City of Arvada and Gaming Labs International on proper nutrition and health and fitness within the workplace. For more information about my corporate wellness services, feel free to send me an email!

Body by Amy
Body by Amy

Personal: I'm originally from Rochester, New York! My husband and I decided to move out to Colorado 6 years ago, for no other reason besides that of coveting a different, better lifestyle than the one we were living. We wanted to live in an area where people enjoyed spending time outside and being active, as well as in a state where the sun actually shines! We absolutely love Colorado and have no plans to move elsewhere anytime soon. We even purchased a home here in Westminster last year!

I've truly been running for what seems like forever! I experienced quite a bit of success in high school and initially went to Providence College to run Division 1 track and cross country, but sustained compartment syndrome in preseason cross country and had to get surgery which took me out of sports my freshman year. I transferred from PC to SUNY Geneseo with the hopes of having a couple injury-free seasons, but battled chronic plantar fasciitis for 2 years. I finished college at SUNY Brockport and had virtually given up on running at that point in time. Shortly after graduating from Brockport, I found running again and began running post-collegiately for the Genesee Valley Harriers. I fell in love with running all over again and while I've battled a couple injuries since then, it remains one of the biggest parts of my life. I currently run for the Reese Brothers Racing Club out of Denver and am chasing PRs in several distances and an Olympic Trials Qualifying time in the marathon!


Strength training has played a huge role in injury prevention and healthy running for me. Since becoming a personal trainer and learning how to strength train and cross train properly, I've been able to stay much more injury-free and come back from injuries much quicker. Thus, I have begun to offer sports performance training out of Commit2Fitness, focusing on athletes' speed, power, agility, stability, and control. This is truly one of my passions so please, please reach out if you have any questions or inquiries!

Running accolades:

Coached by Dave Reese

2019 Cherry Creek Sneak Overall Women's Champion

2019 Lucky Laces 10K Overall Men and Women's Champion

3rd place 2019 Colfax Half Marathon

3rd place 2018 Cherry Creek Sneak

6th place 2018 Colfax Half Marathon