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Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm Amy: running & sports performance coach, functional personal trainer, and fitness nutrition specialist. I am certified in personal training through the American Council on Exercise and in coaching runners through the Run Right Pro certification program. I also hold additional certifications in fitness nutrition, sports performance, and functional training. I have been coaching and training for over five years and running for over a decade. Being fit and active is truly a way of life! It has made me happier and healthier and it can do the same for you.

I offer most of my services both in person and online. Offerings include 1:1 and group personal training, 1:1 sports performance specificity training, run coaching, nutrition guidance, and gait analysis. I also offer corporate wellness packages to Denver-area businesses. Feel free to contact me at anytime over email, Facebook or Instagram!

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Amy's Services

What are your options?

Personal & Sports Performance Training

Personal Training

Options include in-person training for Denver Metro Area residents who are interested in the added accountability that in-person training provides, as well as online training, an affordable and convenient options for remote clients. 

Coaching for Runners

Coaching for runners

Do you have a 5K, 10K, half marathon or full marathon on the horizon? Have you always wanted to run but aren't quite sure how to start? Allow Amy to create a personalized training plan for YOU. Includes both in person and remote options

Nutrition Guidance

Nutrition Coaching

Offered to current clients and athletes who need a little extra help with their nutritional choices. Involves food journaling, healthier substitutions, and support surrounding fueling for runs and races.

Gait Analysis

Female Running

A two-hour intensive workshop intended to improve your running form. Have you battled injuries as a runner? Do you want to increase your efficiency while running? Work with Amy to increase your cadence, perfect your gait, and decrease future injuries. Stop expending unnecessary energy with extra movement: streamline your form and become FASTER!

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Interested in more information about what I offer and what my plans can do for YOU? Please reach out!


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